Top Apps Parents Should Know About

WhatsApp:  Children use this app to chat.  You can ensure that they interact only with the saved contacts.  Also, they can send pictures using this app.  You can check the chat history.  You can create groups comprising of the children and their teacher so that you can monitor their school activities.

Stargazing apps:  Using technology for learning is a joyful and funny experience.  For example, look at starwalkkids where there are apps that can be used for stargazing.  It is so wonderful and easy to get rid of the boredom which children face while using their textbooks.

Facebook:  This social networking app allows your children to post comments, upload articles and post photos.  Ensure that your child makes sensible use of this app.  This app will cultivate the discipline of technology in a cautious way.  Any wrong posts will invite negative comments. Hence monitoring the usage becomes necessary.

Whisper:  This app is used for sharing secrets between people.

Calculator: This app can be used to view hidden photos, contacts etc.

Tinder:  Tinder helps the users to rate the profiles and also track persons with the help of GPS tracking.

Vora: If your kid is obese and concentrates more on junk food eating, use this app. This app helps in tracking fasting activity.  Hence monitoring children who skip their meals and end up weak and sick is made easy using this app.  Originally this app was formed with an intention to ask questions.  But when multiple users encouraged cyberbullying under anonymity that became a problem.  When children are using apps, it becomes a prime responsibility for the parent to protect them from cyberbullying.  Hence guiding them properly on the usage and monitoring their activities is of prime importance.  If properly used all the apps can help a lot in staying knowledgeable and healthy.