Top 10 Ways Automated Email Can Wow Your Customers

I have often ended up with serious doubts on my mind after I have checked out of an e-commerce site paying up a hefty bill for my impulsive shopping. The problem is that when sometimes I do not immediately get an order confirmation in the mails or even through an SMS, my brain switches on to the panic mode.

With so many frauds happening, I wouldn’t blame myself either:

A recent new site put all my doubts at rest reassuring me with an almost instant mail. I was only logging out and the email with my shopping order that to picture coded and my order confirmation along with details of bill payment had already landed in my inbox.

This set me thinking on the power of the email!

Companies that take care of looking after their customers do well but companies that go an extra mile in sending emails for reassurance and also offer and promos (although going slow on spam) will definitely do well.

Brochure printing Glasgow:

Companies that email brochures in their emails have a better chance of visibility than long text emails. Such emails are found to be more receptive.

Have you seen the Welcome emails?

Most of the websites that have a reckoning will send you welcome emails that carry an introduction about themselves and the basic information that you have served them to become a member on their site. Most of the emails are extremely useful in retrieving important personal information in case of loss of contingencies, say for example forgetting the password, etc.

Loyalty points and reward reminders!

Emails that remind you of impending offers and not to be missed promotions are always welcome. So also emails that entitle to the first peek at the merchandise before the store opens to public sale period are always welcomed with gusto!

I once had a site remind me that I had a few hundred dollars waiting on my card as a loyalty bonus. I immediately hopped to the store to pick up a plush coat and adjusted my loyalty points with a part of the price. So, you see it was a win-win for both of us!!