The Ultimate Technology Of Clothing Manufacture in 2018

The apparel industry is a very competitive kind of industry when you look at manufacturers aiming for various production and quality targets. Manufacturing clothes are indeed kind of a difficult task, to say the least, and manufacturers need all the help they can get from various kinds of technological advancements. This will not only help in increasing the overall production number but simultaneously the quality of garments too. In this article, we’re going to look at the technology used for manufacturing of clothes in 2018.


Technologies Used To Increase Production Of Clothes, Quality and Profit


CAD or Computer Aided Design


CAD is simply used for the process of drawing and designing of the clothes. This is the most important and foremost criteria when manufacturing clothes.


Automated Inspection


This involves the automatic inspection of the various clothes, as well as their presentation, before moving out of the manufacturing plant for sale.


Automatic Material Handling Devices


This includes automatic handling of materials, whether raw material or finished goods or even work in progress. It also helps in loading, unloading and even sorting materials for their specific uses.


Software For Managing Inventory


This software is used for managing production and master budgets for material use, and also for future planning of inventory as well.


LAN or Local Area Network


This mode of communication will help the system communicate with various devices that are connected to the same network, either some feet away or some miles away, within the manufacturing compound.




There will be multifunctional robots that will be responsible for making garments and moving around materials for production. There will also be robots especially for transferring materials from one place to another, after production or during production.


Sewing Machines With High Speed


Semi-automated sewing machines will be running at high speeds, with fully digital type control systems. is a site that deals with numerous, high-quality sewing machine reviews and comparisons.


Pressing And Fusing Machines


Pressing machines with systems sucking air are used for beautifully presenting the finished garments.


Computers, Internet And Communication


Computers are used for various kinds of data entry and numerous other tasks. The Internet is used for online resources, emails, etc. Whereas, in terms of communication, mobile phones, fax machines, pagers, etc. are used.