The Ultimate Business Intelligence Tools in 2018

Businesses have a variety of metrics the business people track as per their convenience. Traditionally the metrics parameters were tracked in ledgers, and this was subsequently transferred into spreadsheets. Both these methods involved manually entering data, calculations with the analysis done by the user.

The goal is to apply these tools so that analysis can occur in real time with less input from the user, and results can be applied faster, which ultimately improves the quality of business. We can read more on thevoiphub about this.

  1. Zoho Reports:

It is one of the business intelligence tools that can integrate data from a variety of files, including Microsoft Office documents, URL feeds etc.,

  1. Microsoft Power BI:

Microsoft plays a vital role in the business intelligence tool space and it takes the downloadable software approach. Also, it connects hundreds of data sources including Microsoft applications and other sources such as Facebook, Oracleetc., which helps in generating data in just a matter of minutes.

  1. Tableau Desktop:

Drag and drop buttons in the interface will allow the user to quickly be able to promote trends in the data. It supports data sources, including Microsoft Excel, Google Analytics, Box, and PDF files. It becomes an expensive option for a single user as it costs $70 (£52) per month that is billed on an annual basis.

  1. Dundas:

Dundas is designed to transform data into visual data analytics. The data files can be incorporated with drag and drop functionality allowing the users to analyze data without the support from Information Technology.

  1. Sisence:

It is a business intelligence tool that seeks to simplify the complexities of the data analysis. It can take the data to dashboard in just 90 minutes. Their list of clients includes GE, Philips, Fujitsu, NBC, and Airbus. They would back up that this is a top-tier product.