The Computer Inside Your Car – How it Works?

Every year more and more innovations happen and workings of the car get more complicated. Today in a car there are more than 45 microprocessors. It’s quite easy to get the car service done and also one can easily purchase the spare parts too. All the spare parts, engines, etc are available at online sites like 247Spares.

Sophisticated engine controls

The most processor intensive job for a car is controlling the engine and engine control unit otherwise known as ECU is considered as the most powerful unit in the car.  ECU uses the closed-loop control. This control scheme manages the fuel economy of engine, emissions and monitors the output of the system in order to control inputs to the system. It gathers data from various different sensors and knows everything from the amount of oxygen existent in the exhaust to coolant temperature. It performs thousands of calculation every second using the data.

Main components in ECU are:

Digital-to-analog converters- Often the ECU needs to offer analog voltage output in order to drive the engine components. As the processor found in ECU is a digital device, it requires a component which converts digital to an analog voltage.

Signal conditioners- Before reading, the outputs or inputs are required to be adjusted. Signal conditioner which is a circuit helps in adjusting the level of signals coming out or in.

High-level digital outputs- In many of the modern cars, ECU fires spark plugs, closes and opens fuel injectors and turns cooling fan off and on. All these activities require digital outputs and that’s why all the cars consist of high-level digital outputs.

Communication chips- The communication chips help in implementing the various communication standards which could be used on the cars. The one which is dominating the industry now is Controller-area networking (CAN). It allows the speed to go up to 500 kbps.