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Is Technology Causing You To Gain Weight?

Technology did facilitate our life in numerous ways. It has made it effective and efficient. We are able to reach out to people within seconds. Traveling from one place to another does not take months now. On the contrary, the same distance is covered in days. Medical advancement allows us to cure diseases considered incurable.

Technology has a say in every part of our life. It does offer numerous advantages, but it comes with certain demerits. Technology has taken a toll on physical activities. We are no longer that activate as our grandparents where. Physical inactivity has led to obesity which results in numerous medical problems

Where technology is working hard to come up with effective gadgets that will help you lose weight, at the same time it is becoming the cause of weight gain as well.

Check out below how high-tech gadgets are making us gain weight as per movomovo:

  • Disturbed Sleep

At the end of a tiresome day, we now prefer to spend time on our phone, tablet or laptop instead of books. The light from these devices tends to trick the mind into thinking that it is not time to sleep. This leads to restless and poor sleep.

  • Eating without Purpose

The idea of doing nothing while eating seems an alien concept to most of us. We would like to turn on our TV, laptop or talk to a friend over the phone while eating. This may seem like a good idea, but then we don’t pay heed to the amount of food we intact.

  • Sitting a lot

Technology did make a lot of things easy and easy to reach out. We no longer need to do rigorous physical activities in order to achieve something. We are sitting most of the time which results in weight gain.

  • Obstructed Workout

When we are doing exercise our mind is on our phone. We stop our workout for a call or a text. This does break the entire tempo and the workout remains no longer effective.