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How Technology Is Rapidly Changing the Way Things Get Done Across The World

With its rapid advancement, technology has revolutionized how we shop to how we relax.  The changes in the automation industry itself is predicted to replace 800 million jobs worldwide by the end of 2030. We have begun experiencing the world more through our smartphones than from actual human interactions. Here’s what is in future in a few widely recognized fields.

  1. Media and Entertainment

Social media has redefined how we consume content. Gone are the days of newspapers and movie theaters. The competitiveness in the media has made social media an active and indomitable force. Most of our news comes nowadays from twitter or Facebook, whereas prime entertainment mediums transformed into Netflix, amazon prime, Instagram and snapchat. Mehr Instagram Kommentare generates more popularity for Instagram accounts, ultimately giving us the much needed boost of validation and fame.

2. Manufacturing

This is one sector which will be transformed by automation in the coming years. A massive amount of manual work that is currently done by humans will be replaced with bots and machines. Robotics will become more sophisticated and fill the need for seamless functioning in the industry whereas artificial intelligence and the field of machine learning will escalate the field of data analytics to a new level.

  1. Libraries

Libraries are fast being replaced by virtual enclaves, e-books. The physical libraries are not dead yet, but the crowd is becoming increasingly thinner with the easy availability of a huge amount of content online.

  1. Retail

As a major chunk of consumers migrate online for shopping groceries to electronics, retail stores are changing their approach to handling customers. An estimated 83% of shopping will be conducted online by 2022. Brick and mortar retailers are bringing flexible pricing, enhanced augmented reality, self-checkouts in an attempt to optimize shopper experience.…