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What You Should Know About Fintech – A Complete Guide

We often hear the term Fintech nowadays, but very few are aware of what actually Fintech is and why all businesspeople should know about it. This article will focus on all these details of Fintech.

What is Fintech?

It is the abbreviation for Financial Technology, in simple terms it means using technology in designing and delivering financial products and services. Fintech is widely used in many business sectors like investment management, lending, advice, and payments. It also makes use of multiple techniques like mobile applications, big data and many other analytical options to help the businesses and its customers.

Banks are one of the top beneficiaries of this technology as it is providing fast access to all the financial transaction even to those who were underserved.

Who uses Fintech?

The new startups, as well as the traditional finance companies, are active in Fintech. The startups active in Fintech are not exactly banks or insurance companies but they can be said as companies that provide targeted solutions instead of one-stop finance solutions. One of the most popular examples of startup active in Fintech is Ripple that provides a payment method over distributed ledger technology. Other examples can be international money transfer providers or credit score services etc. Fintech for startups, even though is not a one-stop solution, provides some amazing solutions like video identification features.

Traditional banks, insurance companies, and other major financial institutions are also investing in Fintech. Some are investing in Fintech to enhance their current services and products while others are supporting the startups to create a whole new module for them together.

How Fintech is helping businesses?

Earlier when we thought of starting a business the first step was to get the finance, either through loans for collateral or some similar means. But with Fintech these times are changing. Fintech likes mobiles payments, crowdfunding options, and easy money transfer services are making the dream of starting your business come true easily by accepting payments from people all over the world.…

The Best Ways to Get a Small Loan

There are times when you just require a bit of extra money that needs to be borrowed for over a short period to get rid of the present cranky crisis condition. This borrowed sum is usually referred to as the small loan. Further, while lending such an amount, an interest rate minimum as 5 percent always accompanies you need to maintain a good credit score along. Thus, small loans are more expensive.

The website will give you the complete details regarding the interest rate and so on just by entering the amount you want to take as the loan. Here go the different standing options, if it is really essential for you to get such a small loan.

Working criteria of small loans

Commonly, on your request, the lender will process the small sum soon but it takes nearly three days or less for the money to get credited to your account. So, there can be a variation for the transaction time and may go up to nearly a few weeks’ time gap for the cash to arrive.

However, if you do not have much time to wait, then confirm it before applying for the small loan. The lending criteria will be fully based on your

  • income,
  • the credit scores your own,
  • and existing credit commitments if any.

Effect of small loans on your credit scores

The credit file keeps note of all your personal money transaction schemes like mortgages, loans taken and so on. This, in turn, helps the financial institutions like the bank to take note of the details like the previous loan if applied, any missing of repayments or so. Hence, if you keep on borrowing the sum, then there are fewer chances for granting further credit on your loan and this gradually can impact your credit score.

Moreover, it is also vital to make the payments back on time as missing out on a single payment date can pull your score down.

Alternative methods for getting a small loan

The expensive small loans imply it is more sensible to trace another way to raise the extra pounds if possible. Some of the ways include

  • Asking your buddy or close relative to lend you some money for a short term.
  • Clearing out the unwanted possessions through the online auction website.
  • Additionally, you can apply for a quick overdraft facility available with your current financial account. Such service charges you interest at about 18 percent but there are also a few who do not charge much or even a zero percent up to a certain amount.
  • The credit unions are just another option and have now tended to be widely accessible than before. They have joined up with the branching networks across the country and offer extremely low-interest rate and fees making it affordable for the common man when compared to those bigger national banks.
  • An online lender is always there to help you. They face a tight competition with other online networks and so they might offer you the lower interest rates at times. In fact, they also have the best innovative money lending services all at your benefit but you need to keep a clean credit report to earn a higher sum than your average income.
  • Visiting the peer end lenders. These people are often backed by rich individuals or corporate financiers. They likely get you the required amount in a pretty less time but with a higher interest rate which marks more than 37 percent.

Carefully read the fine print

Before signing up any contractual terms, take time to look out for the common fees they charge for the loan.

  • The initial fees. Typically ranging from 1 to 8 percent, this charge applies for just taking out the loan. This is totally dependent on the lender chooses to fee or not.
  • The fixed or varying interest rates applicable. The fixed type loans are predictable for its amount while the variable rates depend truly on the market affairs.
  • Precomputed rates on your interest in paying back the loan which means if you end up paying the loan in an advanced time, then you will be paying an effective higher interest rate than that indicated in the paperwork.