Month: December 2018

8 Ways Cryptocurrency Will Make The World A Better Place

Cryptocurrency has caused a stir in the market and it looks promising to make the world a much better place. Read how the last mile delivery will start using cryptocurrency soon.

Fraud risk is minimized

Fraud is a concern that comes associated with everything that has to do with money. Be it transferring money on a site that is insecure or using your ATM to withdraw money, fraud is a concern. With cryptocurrency, this will be minimized because cryptocurrency uses the Blockchain technology that records each and every transaction.


This is a way in which the entrepreneurs raise money and cryptocurrency will impact crowding. The initial coin offerings will be the original capital source.

Money transfer method

The bank to bank transfers will become more efficient and with cryptocurrency, the method will not stay the same. The cryptocurrency will allow instant transfers to be in a domestic or an international transfer. This will be secure with the Blockchain technology.

Strong e-commerce

The cryptocurrency will reduce the risk of any fraud shoppers on the e-commerce platform. It mitigates the risk and allows for business to be done across the globe.


Cryptocurrency will help to change the roadblocks that are scientific and this will allow access to real-time data.

Companies and individuals will be accountable

There are companies that follow the corrupt practices and cryptocurrency will make sure that the business is run with the utmost integrity.

Safe money transfer

Even when it comes to transferring money internationally, cryptocurrency will take care that this is done using safer methods. It also eliminates the transaction fees and reduces the risk of any robbery.

Stable alternative

The instability in countries causes their currency to become unstable. The countries have currencies that are very unstable and have a risk of high inflation. This will be avoided when using cryptocurrency.…

The Best Technology for the Rural Carpenters

A few months ago, I had a volunteering work from the help groups that I am associated in my neighborhood with. First of all, I do not really find the time to make it to all the meetings but I have the immense aptitude to be able to give back something at least to the community in the form of collaboration or expertise or even knowledge sharing.

The group I work with is not really big on helping financially but it believes that when a person is helped with the know-how it becomes easier to help him and to make sure that his dignity is intact.

I so agree with this philosophy. Give a man a fish and he will eat it today; teach him to fish and he will never go hungry ever!

So, this project was for helping the rural carpenters to help them to be able to withstand the competition that mechanized workshops were giving them.

We partnered with the leading website called Sawinery as our knowledge partner and then there was absolutely no looking back.

They are a goldmine for everything that you want to know about the advanced tools in carpentry.

The problems that the rural carpenters faced were

  1. Lack of power;
  2. Lack of technologically-advanced tools;
  3. Lack of skill and
  4. Ignorance of computer knowledge.

We set all of this right by helping them know what all the options they had for themselves. We initially helped them to get low-interest loans to be able to have the most basic infrastructure in their workshops and then we got them commissioned work from others.

Once they began seeing money, they began buying more advanced tools to increase their skill repertoire. I have seen them blooming right in front of my eyes and I cannot tell you how proud I am to be associated with them.

If you would like to know anything about them log on to their website now!

The Computer Inside Your Car – How it Works?

Every year more and more innovations happen and workings of the car get more complicated. Today in a car there are more than 45 microprocessors. It’s quite easy to get the car service done and also one can easily purchase the spare parts too. All the spare parts, engines, etc are available at online sites like 247Spares.

Sophisticated engine controls

The most processor intensive job for a car is controlling the engine and engine control unit otherwise known as ECU is considered as the most powerful unit in the car.  ECU uses the closed-loop control. This control scheme manages the fuel economy of engine, emissions and monitors the output of the system in order to control inputs to the system. It gathers data from various different sensors and knows everything from the amount of oxygen existent in the exhaust to coolant temperature. It performs thousands of calculation every second using the data.

Main components in ECU are:

Digital-to-analog converters- Often the ECU needs to offer analog voltage output in order to drive the engine components. As the processor found in ECU is a digital device, it requires a component which converts digital to an analog voltage.

Signal conditioners- Before reading, the outputs or inputs are required to be adjusted. Signal conditioner which is a circuit helps in adjusting the level of signals coming out or in.

High-level digital outputs- In many of the modern cars, ECU fires spark plugs, closes and opens fuel injectors and turns cooling fan off and on. All these activities require digital outputs and that’s why all the cars consist of high-level digital outputs.

Communication chips- The communication chips help in implementing the various communication standards which could be used on the cars. The one which is dominating the industry now is Controller-area networking (CAN). It allows the speed to go up to 500 kbps.